My Sister-in-Law, Anne

I mentioned it previously, but the poem, authored by my sister-in-law, Anne, deserves more attention. I couldn’t agree more with the following testimonial for my wife, caregiver, best friend, and mother to our child, Lindsay Anne Schnurstein. Thank you, Anne, for your enlightening poem…

Strong and Beautiful, Tan and Tall
Wife, Mother and Caregiver…doing it all

Doing things many of us do not even see
Get Brian up in the morning – clean his poop and pee

Crush his pills, feeding treatments, shower him, even shave
Some women would give up, but your strength does not cave

Cut his nails, get him dressed and his teeth need a brush
Doing everything slow for his body – there is no rush

Get him into bed, adjust him just right
Put his breathing mask on and kiss him goodnight

Go to doctor’s appointments; quit your job – at home you now stay
Putting your husband first, you would have it no other way

And you are raising a daughter who is amazing, anyone can see
All you have to do is look at the spunky and beautiful, four-year-old, Kylie

On top of it all, you cook, vacuum, and dust
Pay bills, grocery shopping, run errands…these are all a must

Doing all of these things with a sense of humor and a smile
But I know it must wear on you after awhile

Some women might say “I can’t take anymore – enough is enough”
But you wake up each day and attack all this stuff

That is why I know your strength must come from above
That’s what makes it possible for you to show such love

I have never once heard you say “why is this happening to my man”
How hard it must be trusting and knowing it is part of God’s plan

Only in your 30’s, the weight that you bear
I really am in awe of you and I really do care

So I want to say thank you – which I’m sure you can’t hear enough
Thank you for everything you do – all of this stuff

It does not go unnoticed – all that you do
That is why I have written this poem for you

Strong and Beautiful, Tan and Tall
Wife, Mother and Caregiver…doing it all

Anne, Wilson and Lindsay

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