IMAGINE (a film about ALS)

Lindsay and I have been working on this video for the past few months (see below).  It is sincere and emotional, but also informative as we are hoping that it will help raise awareness about this awful disease.  Don’t hesitate to forward this on to family members, friends, co-workers, etc.  I have provided a link to the video on YouTube.  Simply copy and paste the link into an email and send away!

11 thoughts on “IMAGINE (a film about ALS)

  • Brian and Lindsay that video is amazing. I never knew that either of the two of you had the ability to do something like this. Great job! Brian I like how you said that you won't accept that there is no cure for ALS, to be honest it made me want to run through a brick wall. I too feel the same way, I have not and will not accept that this is going to take you from us. Thank you for sharing this with me it helped me so much you don't even know.
  • Brian and Lindsay amazing video! I echo what Jack says. Thanks for putting that together. That video brings out a lot of emotion, but in the end gets me motivated to fight that fight with you. I love you, and think of you often.
  • Dear Brian, Lindsay & Kylie,

    This was an amazing video. Dan and I are more than willing to do anything we can to bring awareness to your family and this cause. You are so incredibly strong to compose something that can only begin to describe how you must be feeling. We love, miss and think of you guys often.

    Dan, Jenny and Aaron Williams
  • Brian, Lindsay & Kylie-
    What an amazing video…thank you for sharing and educating everyone about ALS! I loved it, shared it and will continue to share with patients and families with ALS, and those who need education! Wow-your spirit is infectious and I will do what I can to spread the word about ALS. Remember I work at Mayo Clinic in AZ so if there is anything I can do to help, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK! I'm in the ICU and work with intensivists who love to study and residents that are yearning for knowledge. I've looked into the walks in AZ and it looks like they're set for October which is a GREAT time for vacations out here! 🙂 I'll be getting a team together in your honor lil Schnur so I'll just need a team name to get it going 🙂 Let me know!!! Thinking of you and praying for you…XOXO SlawDogg
  • Thanks Dan, Jenny, and Air-Bear! Love you guys, see you soon.

    Slaw, nice comments, very encouraging. Thanks for everything. Our team name is: BRIAN'S BULLPEN. Your girl, Erin, came up with that one! Take care Slaw, miss you.
  • John and I really enjoyed your video. Very touching! I am so impressed…I had no idea you were so tech savvy. Hope to see you all soon.
  • Such a powerful presentation. I had a dear friend with ALS. Please know that I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Your mom, Wendy, and I went to Grade and High School together. How facebook has brought us back and now to you. Mary Hess-Walterscheid, Carlsbad, New Mexico.

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