Factoid Friday #24

Since 2006, Augie’s Quest (the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s ALS research initiative) has raised $28,504,167.06 to find treatments and cures for ALS.

P.S. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Washington as my family and I advocate for ALS.  We get home late on Wednesday night, so my next post will be Thursday 5/12.  Have a great weekend everyone.

5 thoughts on “Factoid Friday #24

  • THANK YOU for being an advocate for ALS. Our son (26 years old) was diagnosed 2 years ago. We live near Holland, MI and our son, his wife and 15 month old daughter live in Iowa. I could totally relate the feelings of your video with what our family is going through too. PRAYING for a cure for you, our son and all with ALS.
  • Hope all is well and goes well. We will keep rockin for the outing this year and you stay brave and keep inspiring us. Love you guys!!
  • Thanks for your comments "Anonymous." I'm sorry to hear about your son. It just doesn't seem fair with such a young family. I hope my video made it to him and provided some sort of encouragement. Tell him to "hang in there" and to "never give up."

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