Clinical Trial – Ceftriaxone (cont’d)

A few things in the past couple weeks were just too important to pass up.  I don’t want to forget about the clinical trial that I’m participating in, so back to Ceftriaxone…

In Phase II of the trial, it was determined that the most effective and safest way to administer or deliver Ceftriaxone was through a Hickman line.  Straight from Wikipedia, “A Hickman line is an intravenous catheter most often used for the administration of chemotherapy or other medications, as well as for the withdrawal of blood for analysis.  Hickman lines may remain in place for extended periods and are used when long-term intravenous access is needed.”

My line was placed on June 7, 2010.  As seen in the picture below, it is hard to miss and it’s not the most attractive thing in the world!  It also requires quite a bit of maintenance.  However, the thought that Ceftriaxone will help me live longer, makes it all worth it.

6 thoughts on “Clinical Trial – Ceftriaxone (cont’d)

  • Your blog was an unexpected gift for me today. I was just "clicking" on "next blog" at the top of the page and here you were. Let me explain. My Godmother was diagnose with ALS last week. It has been quite a shock as I am sure you know. I am going to try to find some clinical trials for her.
    Thank you for your blog. I will pray for you when I pray for her. God bless.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your Godmother. It certainly is shocking, but you should both be encouraged by the extensive research that is currently going on. I highly recommend that your Godmother attend an ALS Clinic. The clinic provides a variety of services, including help in chosing a clinical trial. Thank you for your prayers and below are links to search for a nearby ALS Clinic and to learn more about current clinical trials. Good luck in your search and always keep hope alive.
  • Brian – My mom was diagnosed 10/07/11, a week ago tomorrow. I've been reading your blog for the past hour and really find comfort in you sharing your personal experiences for others with the same disease. You and your wife and family are strong and I thank God for people like you who reach out to others in their own time of need.

    I just wanted to know how your experience with this clinical study is going. My mom has been looking into it but she doesn't have a location in her city (Las Vegas). She could either move up to Utah to live with her sister, or she could move out to DC with me, or I would have to move to Vegas and drive her to California for her visits. I'm concerned with the potential issues with gallbladder and with the potential invasiveness of the catheter on a 60-yr old woman. I've also read some ALS forums and posts from people who really hate the drug and think it along with the study are a waste of time and money. It would be helpful to get your perspective after having been involved for these past months. You can respond here or to kristen.a.hodges @ gmail

    You and your family are now in our prayers as well. Much gratitude – Kristen

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